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Shavlik HFNetChkPro™ for Linux 2.1

Linux® patch management has never been easier than with Shavlik HFNetChkPro™

Now you can put the convenience of our Windows-based product to work in your Linux environment. An industry first! Agentless Linux patch management is here! Traditional Linux patch management products rely on agents which must be pre-installed before you can get down to the real business of patching your systems.

Built on the industry-leading Gibraltar Unix patch engine, Shavlik HFNetChkPro™ for Linux is the only non-Microsoft patch management product which uses the same intuitive, convenient agentless approach to patch management as our industry-standard Windows product.

Exceptional breadth and depth of coverage – With over 5,000 patches in our Linux patch database, you're assured of the best possible depth and breadth of patch coverage. Supported clients include Red Hat™ Linux 7.2, 7.3, 8.0 and 9. Support for Red Hat Enterprise Linux and Fedora™ clients is coming soon!

Web-based convenience – Shavlik HFNetChkPro™ for Linux is a secure web based application. Install it on a Red Hat Enterprise Linux system on your network and use your web browser to control the application from anywhere you can access your network.

Uses industry standard SSH and SSL communication channels – Shavlik HFNetChkPro™ for Linux uses proven, industry standard SSH and SSL encryption technology to protect valuable application data during transit across hostile networks.

Shavlik HFNetChkPro™ for Linux Features

  The industry's first non-Microsoft agentless patch management tool
  Convenient Web-based user interface
  Familiar Shavlik HFNetChkPro™-like work flow
  Support for Red Hat Linux clients
  Uses industry-standard SSL and SSH encryption technology
  Over 5,000 patches for Red Hat Linux systems
  Built on the industry leading Gibraltar Unix patch engine acquired by Shavlik in 2003
  Support for Fedora and Red Hat Enterprise Linux coming soon