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Shavlik EnterpriseInspector™

EnterpriseInspector™ is a security assessment tool that lets you know where your network is vulnerable, so you can instantly remediate the problem

Microsoft MBSA was developed for Microsoft by Shavlik Technologies, LLC.

You can spend hours securing your network. But your hard work is quickly undone the minute you add new computers, allow vendor access, or when employees open virus-laden emails. EnterpriseInspector™keeps you one step ahead of the problem by checking for common security vulnerabilities on your network.

Provides centralized security reviews of key items; EnterpriseInspector™ assesses enterprise security through extensive checks of key items on your network, including Windows vulnerabilities, weak passwords, IIS vulnerabilities, SQL vulnerabilities, and security updates. It evaluates vulnerability in the most critical areas of your network, including Microsoft Windows NT 4.0, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, Office, Internet Information Server (IIS), Internet Explorer (IE), SQL Server, ISA Server, Exchange 5.5, Exchange 2000, and Windows Media Player 6.4 and above.

Extensive security analysis reporting; EnterpriseInspector™ stores the results of scans in a database for enterprise security analysis and reporting. Pre-defined reports allow administrators to analyze trends in network security and serve as checklists to work from when securing each machine. EnterpriseInspector™ also includes custom reporting functionality so reports can be tailored to meet the specific needs of the administrator.

Offers impressive scalability; Shavlik has combined the well-defined security checklist of MBSA with a relational database and an extensive enterprise-level reporting engine that can quickly assess security on 10 to 10,000 computers.

For all levels of users;EnterpriseInspector™ is an excellent tool that helps network administrators, IT managers and non-security professionals assess network security. It's easy to install and boasts an intuitive interface. Many organizations use EnterpriseInspector™ as an enterprise security educational tool.

Built on industry standards; EnterpriseInspector™ is based on the technology found in the widely-popular patch management tool, HFNetChk™. And, Microsoft MBSA was developed for Microsoft by Shavlik Technologies. While MBSA displays the results of the scan, EnterpriseInspector™ goes one step further by incorporating a relational database and producing reports to help administrators analyze trends in enterprise security and to provide the detailed information necessary to improve it.

Shavlik EnterpriseInspector™ Features

  Detects vulnerabilities for many products and the most critical areas of your network
  Inspects for weak passwords and accounts
  Ability to specify alternative admin credentials for scanning hard to reach devices
  Comprehensive set of pre-defined reports for security analysis and remediation planning
  Scans all instances of SQL Server
  Provides easy-to-follow recommendations for remediation
  Quickly produces management and analysis reports
  Issues audit reports from a single location
  Generates reports in PDF, Word, Excel, Rich Text Format or HTML