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Boost your enterprise security four important ways and make an immediate impact on your organization's security.

As you prepare for the next critical security patch, you'll need all the help you can get. HFNetChkPro™ AdminSuite gives you a comprehensive security analysis and remediation solution to keep you one step ahead of whatever is lurking on the horizon. HFNetChkPro™ AdminSuite combines the power of four security must-haves for busy administrators in charge of securing networks:

1. Patch Management with HFNetChkPro™ 5

This industry-leading patch management solution offers automated scanning and deployment of security patches to thousands of computers. Its intuitive drag and drop interface makes patch management a breeze.

2. Security Assessment with EnterpriseInspector™

Assess enterprise security through extensive checks of key items on your network, including Windows vulnerabilities, weak passwords, IIS vulnerabilities, SQL vulnerabilities, and security updates. The best part, it provides impressive reporting capabilities, including pre-defined and custom reports.

3. Account and Password Security with AccountInspector™

Seek out and remediate weak accounts and passwords on your networks, quickly and easily. This handy tool allows you to interactively disable suspicious accounts and clear locked-out accounts, making it much easier to find and fix security problems.

4. Manage all shares on your network with Shavlik Netchk™ Shares™

A powerful security scanner and remediator that identifies and manages shared resources and unsecure settings on your computer, in your domain, or on your network.