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Shavlik AccountInspector™

Ease-of-use ensures account security on workstations, servers throughout your enterprise

Weak accounts and passwords create easy access for intruders. Shavlik AccountInspector™ helps seek out and remediate weak accounts and passwords on your networks, quickly and easily.

Shavlik AccountInspector™ allows you to interactively disable suspicious accounts and clear locked-out accounts, making it much easier to find and fix security problems on your network. It also inspects your network for weak passwords and offers the ability to set strong passwords on local and remote systems using its intuitive Password Wizard.

Shavlik AccountInspector™ Features

  Check for locked-out accounts
  Inspect for and set strong passwords
  Assign custom rules for password complexity
  Disable suspicious accounts immediately
  IP range, domain and computer-name based scanning
  Search for unauthorized administrator accounts
  Seek out passwords that are over 30 days old
  Export reports to Microsoft Excel
  Find dormant accounts that are over 30 days old
  User-settable thresholds for custom searches