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Patch Management for Windows

Shavlik HFNetChkPro™ 5 Security Patch Management – Powerful, intuitive. Pays for itself. Just click and deploy all your security patches in two simple steps. Manage updates with ease. With its intuitive interface, you're in complete control!

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Shavlik HFNetChkPro™ AdminSuite Security Patch Management – Add four important security tools to your arsenal - Shavlik HFNetChkPro™ (automated patch management), Shavlik EnterpriseInspector™ (security assessment), Shavlik AccountInspector™ (account and password security), and Shavlik Shares™ (shared resource and device security).

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Shavlik Security Agents™ – Combine intuitive Shavlik HFNetChkPro™ with proven agent technology to easily deploy patches to every network machine.

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Shavlik HFNetChk.exe™ – is a free command-line tool that enables you to scan your network and check the patch status of your Windows NT 4.0, Windows 2000, and Windows XP machines.

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Unix-based Patch Management Software

Shavlik HFNetChkPro™ for Linux 2.1 – Patch administration for Red Hat Linux machines has never been easier. A user-friendly web-based interface allows you to manage clients running Red Hat versions 7.2, 7.3, 8.0 and 9.

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Vulnerability Assessment Tools

Shavlik EnterpriseInspector™ –EnterpriseInspector™ analyzes your machines and provides recommendations on enhanced security settings. Includes integrated HFNetChk™. Microsoft MBSA was developed for Microsoft by Shavlik Technologies, LLC.

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Shavlik AccountInspector™ – An easy-to-use tool that helps you ensure the enterprise account and password security of your workstations and servers.

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Shavlik NetChk Shares™ – a powerful security scanner and remediator that identifies and manages shared resources and insecure settings for hosts on your network.

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Spyware Management

Shavlik NetChk™ Spyware - Coming Soon! – A new automated solution designed to help you identify and remove spyware from your entire enterprise. Shavlik NetChk™ Spyware is fully integrated with Shavlik's widely-used patch management product, Shavlik HFNetChkPro™ - an industry first!