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activePDF Toolkit™

activePDF Toolkit is the Swiss Army Knife for PDF - virtually any PDF manipulation task can be automated through Toolkit's robust API. With activePDF Toolkit you can:

 Apply watermarks and stamp images and text into PDF documents.

 Merge multiple PDF documents into a single PDF file, adding bookmarks for easy navigation.

 Populate PDF forms with database data and generate form fields on the fly.

 Detect PDF tampering through Toolkit's fingerprint technology.

 Generate over 20 standard barcode types without requiring third-party utilities or individual barcode fonts.

 Add dynamic headers, footers and page numbering to PDF documents.

 Convert over 40 image types to PDF on the fly and embed Flash® images.

 Digitally sign PDF files and secure documents through PDF encryption.

activePDF Toolkit is a scalable programmable COM object that enables users to create and manipulate Portable Document Format (PDF) files. With Toolkit's robust API, the automation of virtually any PDF manipulation task becomes possible ? users can append, stamp, stitch, merge, paint, form-fill and more. Digitally signing PDF documents, adding watermarks, embedding Flash® images, creating form fields, incorporating headers and footers, extracting and concatenating pages and comments, and many other tasks are all simplified with activePDF Toolkit.

Dynamic PDF Form Creation and Editing
activePDF Toolkit allows you to generate form fields on the fly, enabling you to create forms dynamically while offering precise control in laying out database reports using custom PDF templates. Additionally, Toolkit's form-filling feature allows PDF form fields to be dynamically populated with data from any source, including XML, while enabling end users to save filled-in forms locally. activePDF Toolkit also enables users to populate form fields with images, making exact placement and resizing of images a simple task. Toolkit's form-flattening feature removes the bloat from larger forms ? fields are stripped out and the content is left behind, dramatically reducing file size.

On-the-Fly PDF Generation
activePDF Toolkit's TextToPDF method enables you to quickly convert data from your application into a portable, secure PDF document. Using a few SQL queries, you can generate complicated reports that can be distributed to enterprise users, or populate prepared PDF templates to create labels, business cards, mass mailings and more.

Extracting and Merging
activePDF Toolkit allows users to combine, or merge, two or more PDF files. As an example, this feature could be used to combine multiple PDF reports into a single, navigable PDF file for the end-user. activePDF Toolkit also allows the user to append and extract pages to and from virtually any PDF, even in memory. Additionally, activePDF Toolkit includes options for retaining bookmarks, making it the product of choice for assembling large, complex PDF documents.

Stamping Text and Images
Support business rules by stamping text into your PDF documents, using any font available on your server, at any size or color, in any degree of rotation. activePDF Toolkit's text width calculation routines make text placement exact, allowing you to automatically apply standard text such as page numbers, headers and footers, or watermarks to a single page, range of pages or entire documents.

Toolkit Professional includes comprehensive image stamping with native support for over 40 image types, allowing for precise placement of logos, images, or electronically represented signatures. For example, watermarking can be used to automatically stamp highly sensitive documents with a ?Confidential? label, while a signature stamp can be applied to approved documents as they pass through a workflow milestone.

Stitching PDFs
activePDF Toolkit's stitching technology allows you to import one or more PDF documents, combining them into a single PDF page. Previously labor-intensive applications, such as newsletters or classified advertisements, are streamlined with this feature.

Digital Signatures and PDF Security
Digital signatures employ powerful encryption technology and a public key infrastructure to provide document authentication and nonrepudiation. activePDF Toolkit enables you to dynamically apply digital signatures to your PDF documents using certificates stored on your server. With Toolkit, you can also create certificates on the fly, allowing you to easily extend signing capabilities to every user interacting with your organization. Additionally, activePDF Toolkit allows you to encrypt and decrypt files with a simple API call. The first server-based product to support native 40 and 128 bit encryption, Toolkit enables you to password protect PDF files, disable end-user printing, prevent copying of text and graphics, and more. Toolkit's unique fingerprint technology also allows you to verify document integrity, providing built-in support for enforcing business rules.

Toolkit's Barcode object enables you to generate over 20 standard barcode types without requiring third-party utilities or individual barcode fonts. Barcodes can be added to new or existing PDFs, or exported as XML, affording you the flexibility to easily integrate with your existing business processes. Toolkit's barcoding technology conforms to standard barcoding guidelines, while still enabling you to customize the output to suit your organization's needs. You control everything; from type, value, and placement to size, rotation, comment text and color. Generating and placing a numeric, alphanumeric, or 2-D barcode has never been easier.

activePDF Toolkit Features
Specify page size
COM interface
Use Base 14 fonts
Use TrueType fonts
Convert JPEGs to PDF
Convert TIFFs to PDF
40 bit encryption
128 bit encryption
Append to existing PDFs
Linearization (byte-serving preparation)
Create bookmarks
Stamp PDFs with text including page numbers
Convert over 40 image types to PDF
Stitch PDFs
Stamp PDFs with JPEGs/TIFFs/40 image types
Text2PDF object
Output to memory or disk
Append from memory or disk
Images can be from memory or disk
Set viewer preferences
Set form fields
Flatten form fields
Set combo box values
Handle millions of pages
Retrieve form fields values
Retrieve field information (name, javascript, etc)