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activePDF Server™

Use activePDF Server to provide integrated PDF generation from within your enterprise or web applications. Designed from the ground up with server-side operation in mind, activePDF Server:

 Simplifies PDF creation from business applications, generating robust PDF output that conforms to business rules without requiring end-user intervention.

 Easily integrates with enterprise workflow applications to generate PDF output that conforms to business rules.

 Includes built-in document integrity features to support document management processes.

 Provides true multi-threaded PDF generation, enabling simultaneous conversions under stress.

 Includes options for security, web optimization, color management, font embedding, and more, all at a fraction of the cost of comparable solutions.

Licensed per server, activePDF Server helps companies reduce per-user software and support costs by offering centralized PDF generation and development functionalities. activePDF Server enables you to quickly and easily add PDF conversion to your business applications- literally, anything that can be printed to a printer can be converted to PDF using activePDF Server.

Automated PDF Conversion
Using COM or .NET, you can easily configure the native application to script the activePDF Server component and select the dynamically created activePDF virtual printer. Don't worry if your application cannot select printers on the fly - simply call the SetPrinterAsDefault method and immediately start printing to PDF. By setting a few properties once, you can easily concatenate multiple jobs together, incorporate security features, or perform PDF linearization on a single document or an entire series of documents. Converting PostScript files or over 40 different image file formats to PDF is as easy as a single method call.

Highly Scalable
Licensed per server, activePDF Server is a cost-effective way to provide PDF output from any business application to your entire organization. Server's unique multithreaded feature allows users to process PDF conversions simultaneously without having to wait in a queue for their PDF output. Specifically engineered to handle high-volume PDF generation, activePDF Server is the only PDF conversion tool designed from the ground-up with server-side operation in mind. With tuning parameters for both single and multiprocessor machines, you can easily harness the power of large multi-CPU machines without paying a premium.

Easily Integrated
activePDF Server's COM interface is callable from any COM-enabled environment, including Visual Basic, Visual FoxPro, ASP, .NET, Delphi and more. Server includes a Configuration Manager module, allowing you to quickly and easily build customized PDF configurations that you can then call from within your application.

Seamless to End Users
Capable of redirecting print-to-PDF output from virtually any Windows® based application, activePDF eliminates the need for end-user intervention in the PDF conversion process. Server-side conversion takes the guesswork out of generating customized PDF output - end users are no longer troubled with confusing PDF settings. Instead, with activePDF Server's properties and methods you take full control of your PDF output on a job-by-job basis.

Precise Control over PDF Output
With activePDF Server, you gain full control over your PDF output. Conversion options allow you to specify page size, compression and resolution options, embed text, create bookmarks, concatenate to existing files, and more! Plus, activePDF Server includes a PDFMark interpreter, allowing you to create feature-rich PDFs from any application capable of generating PDFMark.

Robust Security
Server supports 40 and 128-bit encryption, enabling you to fully secure your mission-critical documents. Security options include password-protection, allowing you to disable printing, prevent copying of text and graphics, and more. Additionally, Server's unique Fingerprint technology allows you to guarantee document integrity. Simply apply a digital fingerprint when the PDF is converted, and you can easily check at any point in your workflow to make sure the document's content is intact.

Also known as web optimization, linearization is the process of preparing a large PDF document for byte-serving over the web. Byte-serving allows an individual page to be loaded instantly while remaining pages are loaded silently in the background, instead of forcing the user to wait while the entire document streams to the browser before viewing its contents.

activePDF Server Features
Included ?
COM interface
40 bit encryption
128 bit encryption
Concatenate to existing files
Linearization (web optimization)
Create bookmarks
PostScript to PDF conversion
True concurrent PDF creation
Digitally fingerprint PDF
Support TrueType and Postscript Fonts
Optimized for Windows NT/2000
PDFMark interpreter
Specify page size
Specify orientation
Set resolution
Specify compression
Create thumbnails
Convert over 40 image types to PDF
Get image information
Set output directory
Set output file name
Set PDF summary information
Convert CMYK to RGB
Specify print quality
Set PDF view mode