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activePDF Printer™

activePDF Printer enables you integrate "Print" to PDF functionality, even within applications that do not have native printing capabilities. Designed from the ground up with server-side operation in mind, activePDF Printer:

 Provides support for dynamic table creation, simplifying your reporting process.

 Enables you to "print" over 40 image types directly to PDF.

 Simplifies dynamic placement of text and graphics through an intuitive coordinate system.

 Supports any font installed on your server.

 Integrates tightly with activePDF Server, enabling security, web optimization, color management, font embedding, and more, all at a fraction of the cost of comparable solutions.

activePDF Printer Features
Included ?
Line support
Arc support
TrueType fonts
Over 40 image types
Print text at any color, size or rotation
Dynamic table support
Checkbox creation
Ellipse support
Radio button creation
Normalized origin
Twips measurements
Text height and width calculation
Cell level control of tables
Right, left and center justified output
Specify page orientation
Multiline text with wrapping
Specify page orientation
activePDF Server integration
Secure output PDF
Linearize output PDF