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activePDF PDFPrint™

activePDF PDFPrint allows you to automatically print PDF documents directly through the client browser. With activePDF PDFPrint, you can:

 Silently print PDFs through the client browser, without end user intervention.

 Automatically redirect the browser upon completion of the print job, providing a seamless end-user experience.

 Direct PDF printing to the end user's default printer, or to any printer on your network.

 Allow your users to select multiple PDF documents, then batch-print them seamlessly without requiring end user intervention.


activePDF PDFPrint Features
Included ?
Force printing of PDF documents through the browser
Available as Netscape plug-in that also works with Internet Explorer
Redirect PDF output after printing is complete
Batch print multiple PDF documents
Printing can be "silent", or can automatically open the print dialog box
Post-processing functions allow you to save or delete PDF after printing