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activePDF Maestro™

activePDF Maestro is an affordable desktop PDF manipulation tool that enables you to easily view, assemble, mark-up, save, and print PDF files. With activePDF Maestro you can:

 Merge multiple documents into a single PDF file

 Add document security through 40 and 128-bit encryption

 Comment PDFs with "sticky note", highlight, strikethrough and underline tools

 Create and edit PDF Bookmarks

 Extract, reorder, delete and rotate PDF pages

 Optimize PDF files for fast web view

 Import, export, email and print PDF comments

activePDF Maestro is an affordable desktop PDF manipulation tool that enables users to easily view, assemble, mark-up, save, and print PDF files. Rapidly becoming the de facto standard for electronic document distribution, the PDF format affords you full control over the presentation of your data, while providing additional features like security, interactivity, and compatibility with other systems.

Easy to Use

activePDF Maestro's interface was designed with Microsoft Office users in mind, using familiar tools and keyboard shortcuts to reduce the learning curve for casual users. Maestro's toolbars are customizable, enabling you to turn off options that aren't frequently used, and you can move or hide the navigation pane and toolbars to control how your PDF is displayed.
Maestro also includes a Finish Document Wizard, which simplifies the process of finalizing your PDF documents, by walking you through the settings most commonly applied to PDFs that are intended for distribution. Through a series of selections, the Wizard prompts you to set PDF security, document information, viewing and display preferences, and web optimization, so you can be sure your PDF file is right every time.

View and Print PDF Files

activePDF Maestro can be used to open, navigate and print any PDF document. Maestro supports all of the familiar PDF navigation elements, including thumbnails, page views, bookmarks and hyperlinks. activePDF Maestro can also be configured to launch from within Internet Explorer, allowing you to access Maestro's robust functionality even when viewing documents over the web.

Review and Markup

activePDF Maestro enables you to annotate PDF documents through a robust set of commenting tools. You can use Maestro to add "sticky note" comments, or to highlight, strikethrough, or underline PDF text. Each comment type includes a popup comment window, allowing you to provide explanatory text that can also be formatted for added emphasis. Maestro's comment window allows you to sort comments by caption, type, date or page, and comments can be imported or exported to combine annotations from multiple reviewers.

Assemble and Manipulate PDF Pages

activePDF Maestro includes tools enabling you to delete, insert, extract, and reorder PDF pages. You have the option of retaining bookmarks from the original files, ensuring these navigation elements aren't lost when merging large and complicated documents. Maestro also allows you to rotate pages in your PDF, enabling you to configure your documents for easier viewing or printing.

Create and Edit Bookmarks

Maestro enables you to add, edit, format, move and delete bookmarks. You can also control the appearance of your bookmarks, with setting options for font, color, and emphasis, enabling you to call attention to areas of particular importance or group related sections together. Maestro also allows you to set the destination zoom level of all bookmarks in a document, ensuring consistent display as users navigate your document.

Add PDF Security

activePDF Maestro's robust security features enable you to protect your important PDF documents through 40 and 128-bit security. With Maestro, you can add password protection to restrict users from viewing or modifying your PDF document. Additional options enable you to prevent users from printing, editing PDF text, adding PDF comments, copying text and graphics, and more, ensuring your confidential information stays confidential.

activePDF Maestro Features
Included ?
View, navigate and print PDFs
Add PDF "sticky note" comments
Highlight, underline, or strikethrough text
Search PDF
Import, export, print, & email comments
Add, edit, reorder, or delete bookmarks
Format bookmark styles
Merge multiple PDF documents
Insert, reorder, or delete PDF pages
Rotate PDF pages
Secure PDF with 40 and 128 bit encryption
Linearize (web optimize) PDF
Edit PDF Document Information
Finish Document Wizard
Internet Explorer® integration
Conforms to latest PDF Specification