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activePDF WebGrabber™

activePDF WebGrabber allows you to dynamically convert any URL, HTML stream, or HTML file to PDF on the fly, while maintaining embedded styles. With activePDF WebGrabber, you can:

 Dynamically generate PDF reports from HTML data.

 Transfer HTML form input into tamperproof PDF forms.

 Generate PDF certificates, invoices, statements and other documents on the fly from your website.

 Control PDF page size, orientation and page breaks, while adding dynamic headers, footers and page numbering.

 Linearize multi-page PDF documents for faster display over the web.

 Secure PDFs containing HTML data using PDF encryption.

Licensed per server, activePDF WebGrabber is the industry leader in scalable, multithreaded URL-to-PDF or HTML-to-PDF generation. Whether converting static HTML files or dynamic, data-driven, web-based reports, WebGrabber provides the functionality and control needed to create secure, printable PDF files.

Dynamic HTML-to-PDF Conversion HTML from Any Source
Whether processing CGI scripts, ASP, JSP, or plain HTML, it makes no difference; activePDF WebGrabber handles them all. With WebGrabber, you can load HTML content from URLs, disk or even memory. You can also access secure sites with basic authentication or, with the IE interface, access data using integrated Windows® NTLM authorization. Support for SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is included with the IE interface, so sensitive data can be accessed with peace of mind.

Support for Web Standards
WebGrabber is the only server-side HTML to PDF converter that supports HTML 3.2, HTML 4.0, CSS (Cascading Style Sheets), Java applets, Flash images, and even activeX controls. Proxy server support is also included, making it possible for you to access data from behind your firewall..

PDF Layout Control
activePDF WebGrabber is the only product that supports page breaks so that your web-based reports look exactly the way you want. Whether it's embedded HTML or an entire URL, activePDF WebGrabber's dynamic header and footer support can help turn your existing web application into a PDF reporting engine. And, with WebGrabber's built-in page numbering capabilities, you can virtually guarantee your users won't get lost in large, complex reports.

Easy to Implement
activePDF WebGrabber is COM enabled, making integration with your existing application as simple as a single method call. With a few lines of code you can define a URL along with optional post data or a query string and WebGrabber will convert your data to PDF in seconds. Virtually anything that can be viewed in the browser can be converted to PDF, independent of the server side rendering language.

Server Integration
activePDF WebGrabber is tightly coupled with activePDF Server, so you can leverage our server-based performance, robust PDF output options, and other features such as native PDF encryption and linearization.

activePDF WebGrabber Features
Included ?
Convert HTML 3.2 to PDF
Convert HTML 4.0 to PDF*
Convert ColdFusion HTML to PDF
Convert ASP HTML to PDF
Convert CGI HTML to PDF
Convert Java Server Pages HTML to PDF
Convert CSS to PDF*
Convert Java Applets to PDF*
Convert Flash images to PDF*
Dynamic page breaks w/ headers & footers
Specify HTML from URL, disk or memory
Send POST data
Cookie handling
SSL integration*
Basic authentication
NTLM authentication*
Specify page orientation
activePDF Server integration
Secure output PDF
Linearize output PDF
Specify page output size

* Internet Explorer engine only. Service Pack 4 will support IE 5.5 and IE 6.