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activePDF Composer is an affordable desktop PDF creation tool that enables you to quickly and easily create PDF files from any application. With activePDF Composer you can:

 Generate PDF files instantly from any "printable" file type.

 Create "Intelligent PDF" from Microsoft Word® and PowerPoint®.

 Use built-in configurations to quickly create PDF optimized for output devices.

 Apply PDF encryption to secure your important documents.

 Optimize multi-paged PDF documents for faster display on the web.

 Automatically attach and send PDF output via email.

 Maintain precise display and print control through customizable output options.

activePDF Composer is a desktop PDF converter that enables users to easily create and disseminate PDF files. PDF, or Portable Document Format, is a unique platform-independent file type that allows for precise representation of documents. Rapidly becoming the de facto standard for electronic document distribution, the PDF format affords you full control over the presentation of your data, while providing additional features like security, interactivity, and compatibility with other systems.

Desktop PDF Creation made Simple™

Creating PDF files using activePDF Composer. With activePDF Composer PDF writer, you can easily create PDF files in a variety of ways. Select the Composer printer and simply 'print' your documents to PDF from virtually any Windows application. Composer's 'ToPDF' module streamlines the Postscript to PDF conversion process through robust drag-and-drop functionality - simply drop your files onto the desktop icon and PDF conversion occurs automatically. The 'Send to…' PDF feature enables you to right-click a PostScript file in Windows Explorer and instantly convert to PDF using activePDF Composer.

Integration with Microsoft Office® Applications. Enhanced settings for Microsoft Word® and PowerPoint® enable you to retain document structures, allowing you to create "Intelligent" PDF files. With a single click you can convert from PowerPoint or Word to PDF, and headings are converted to bookmarks, cross-references become hyperlinks, and comments become PDF "sticky notes". What's more, you can set display options for the end-users PDF viewer, control the appearance of hyperlinks, and a host of other options to create feature-rich PDF files.

Optimize your PDF Output

Preconfigured settings for Press, Print and Web Output. Out of the box, activePDF Composer offers pre-defined configuration settings, allowing you to quickly convert PDF files optimized for commercial printing, printing from desktop devices or onscreen display. In addition, Composer includes over 100 settings, affording complete control over your PDF output. Settings are saved as activePDF Composer Configurations, giving you the ability to quickly and easily generate documents for specific situations.

Precise Display and Print Control. Composer includes a myriad of settings allowing you to create optimized PDF files. Advanced color management and prepress options are available if you are sending files to a commercial printer, while image compression and font embedding options allow you to reduce file sizes without compromising visual quality. Your PDF files will display and print exactly as you intend them to, on any device, in any working environment.

Secure Important Information

activePDF Composer takes the guesswork out of securing your critical documents. You can easily apply 40 or 128-bit PDF encryption settings and protect your documents using passwords, ensuring that confidential information is only viewed or edited by authorized users. Advanced security options allow you to disable printing, copying of text and graphics, commenting, adding or removing pages, and more!

Integrate with Business Processes

After creating your PDF files, Composer can automatically open them in a PDF viewer for previewing, attach them to an email for quick sending, or launch another application. These features make it easy to integrate Composer into existing business processes, and to use Composer's custom configuration options to control the output settings for the entire enterprise.

activePDF Composer Features
Included ?
"Print" to PDF from any Windows program
Drag-and-drop PS and EPS conversion
Intelligent PDF from MS Office programs
Predefined settings for press, print, web
Import and Export custom configurations
Linearization (web optimization)
Automatically attach PDF to email
Customizable File > Save options
Add security with 40 or 128-bit encryption
'Send To' PDF from Windows Explorer
Advanced image and text compression
Launch scripts after job completion
Color management options
TrueType font support
Conforms to latest PDF Specification