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activePDF BrowseAloud™

browsealoud is a service that can make your website accessible to users with reading disabilities or visual impairments. By downloading the free browsealoud reader, users can move their cursor over the page as your content is spoken aloud. Adding browsealoud to your website can help you:

 Ensure compliance with accessibility legislation by guaranteeing users access to the information they need.

 Improve reading and comprehension capabilities for users with learning disabilities.

 Guarantee access to web content for customers, students, and employees with reading or mild visual disabilities.

browsealoud is a website speech enabling service which makes web content accessible to anyone with reading difficulties. It is designed to be simple for Users, requiring only a short download of the free program. browsealoud not only speech enables website content, it also speech enables the menus and hyperlinks to ease navigation of the website. Simply by scrolling your mouse over the text that you want read to you, Browsealoud will speak what you require, helping you navigate websites more easily. Users have a choice of voice, pitch and speed, making navigation of websites easier and more meaningful than ever before for anyone with reading difficulties.

browsealoud Features

Free to download, easy to use with control over the voice, pitch and speed, browsealoud is there when you need assistance as you navigate the Web.

Simply by hovering your mouse over the text that you want read to you, browsealoud will read and speak what you require, helping you navigate websites more easily. The program can be activated from the circular icon in the system tray as shown in the following images:

If a web site is browsealoud-enabled, the icon has a yellow pointer.

Allowing you full control over the speed and pitch of your chosen voice and user defined hotkeys to activate and deactivate speech, the program also has a user defined pronunciation engine that allows a user to add words and define how a word is pronounced. browsealoud also has the option to add voices to those already on your computer.

Option tabs are shown below:


The browsealoud service is one of the easiest ways to make your site more accessible. With the service's low entry cost, no ongoing management overhead, and merely the addition of a link to the browsealoud program download page required, the service is designed so that your website can be speech enabled in minutes.

activePDF BrowseAloud Features
Included ?
Renders web page content to be speech-accessible
Free screen-reader for user download
User control over voice, pitch and speed
Pronunciation tool to customize the way words are pronounced
"Click and Speak" tool reads text instantly